Combo Attack System

  • Hi,
    first of all I really like the game, but for the one’s who played AoC for years there are some things which aren’t understandable, and the most enerving one is the comboattack system.

    Why are stupid slashers rewarded with mighty comboattacks? To quote someone from ingame “… I just spam slash and hope for the best.” Really, against archers or MAA you have a small chance to survive their permanent attacks.

    And why doens’t a comboattack stop when you hit someone? Thats unrealistic and just overpowered, because people are slashing into the masses without beeing stopped by anything.

    Please, have a heart for your old supportes and think over this again.

  • I personally don’t understand the need to implement the miss and hit combo. It pretty much helps those who miss the first time to hit again. Good players normally don’t use the miss on purpose combo, but those who do miss often get rewarded. At least if that’s the case, the stamina needs to be lowered tremendously for missing.

  • I never combo spam. Not even with onehanders; the delay on letting your weapon return to idle stance and then attacking again is actually just enough to mess someone up if they parry expecting a combo, and it doesn’t lock you into an attack that you might realize isn’t a good idea. I really see nothing wrong with the combo system. If anything is flawed in this scenario it’s that the damage or speed of horizontal swings is too great for being the easiest attack to land. They were significantly weaker than the other attacks in AoC, them being overall more powerful in Chivalry feels like a step back - especially on maces, it really bothers me that the mace slash is so high damaging. Feels much less high risk high reward than AoC where it could only do good damage on overheads.

  • I miss on purpose all the time to lure people in when I’m using 2h weapons. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Its usually up to me keeping the correct range and using the slowness of attacks to delay the actual collision till their parry is down.

  • @SlyGoat:

    especially on maces, it really bothers me that the mace slash is so high damaging

    The maces in general are borderline OP. The ‘Mace’ is my go-to primary weapon as a Knight (I’m ignoring my actual primaries right now). I want to see 3 hits on the MAA/2 on the Van (HS permitting) - it’s a blunt weapon designed for heavy armour. The Broadsword should then be the opposite unless you stab the Van, utilising the fact that pierce is superior on heavy armour than swings (skilled players will utilise knowledge of weapon/armour types - but the average player will only generally feel an extra hit being needed on the mainstream weapons when using wrong types). The Maces and Swords should essentially be complementing each other, not fighting each other for supremacy. Currently the score is Maces 1 - (1H)Swords 0. There is one downside to maces though, their stabs. Don’t stab using a mace with their current values regardless of opponent, they do less than half the base, in fact the stab damage is on par with the lowest damage a dagger does. Stick with overheads, and you’ll smash your way through the classes (2-2-2-3 hits needed).

    More on topic… I’m really loving combos, the ability to tear through an unaware or unskilled opponent, but have the combo stop dead in its tracks because of a parry. The issues people have with the combo spam is not a result of the combos or the act of spamming, it’s the parry system being a little quirky (or the occasional cudgel/dagger being a tiny bit too fast). I’m also liking deliberately attacking and missing, then moving in to hit with the 2nd combo. Give it a little bit of time and things will be ironed out.

  • I think the main problem for me is that MAA with mace are fast and strong, and with a combo and their dodge plus the fact that you can hit someone trough his block easily (I’ve tested it, there is a 100% sure way to get through block) you dont have any chance as knight because:
    A) in 50% of the fights he gets trough your block
    B) because of his speed you cant break his attack
    C) you cannot stay away because of the endless dodging

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