[SOLVED] No servers and not loading

  • Hey all,

    So I was searching for several servers refreshing the Server Filter quite often and then it stopped working. I then played a BOT-game for a bit and tried again but the whole Server Browser isn’t doing anything. Nothing works on that tab. Just nothing. I tried the alternate server browser but when I join a game it only opens the game and does nothing.

    Anybody is able to help me and able to explain it in computer-noob-language?

  • You might have “Opt In To Beta” enabled. Right click on the game in your game list and choose properties to see that.

  • Nope not enabled.

    I tried restarting the game, my PC and steam but that didn’t work either.

    EDIT: Hmpf, it just started working again. I did nothing, it just worked again. :?

  • Don’t use the filters in the browser. Just use the column headers.

  • Steam can bug out sometimes, it fixes itself after a few mins, 10’s of mins if your unlucky.

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