From Rank 13 to 40

  • I normaly played a Round and reach rank 40 after i kill an opponent. I was level 13 … c’mon, this sucks. I will get my old rank back. I play this game since two days and it shows that im already rank 40? No way - please fix it. Ingame Name: Sir Bash-a-lot.

  • There are many MANY people with the same issue and so far it won’t be fixed. TBS barely (if they do) replies on these kind of threads and I am afraid you are not getting your old rank back.

  • I got this bug too. I think the effort the team/staff puts in this game is weak.
    If this would happen to a bigger game then probably it would be fixed within 5 hours.

  • ^ a bigger game has a bigger devteam, of course it would be fixed in 5 hours.

    However its been like, almost 2 months now? a month and 2 weeks?

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