[SOLVED] No servers and not loading

  • Hey all,

    So I was searching for several servers refreshing the Server Filter quite often and then it stopped working. I then played a BOT-game for a bit and tried again but the whole Server Browser isn’t doing anything. Nothing works on that tab. Just nothing. I tried the alternate server browser but when I join a game it only opens the game and does nothing.

    I tried restarting Steam, the game and my computer. But it stays the same.

    Anybody is able to help me and able to explain it in computer-noob-language?

  • Sorry for the double post, the forum was being real slow and showed me an error that the connecting timed out, so I figured it wasn’t posted yet. But it did.

  • Hi there,

    Have you reset your filters? Unfortunately if you reset the browser too many times in a short amount of time, it tends to bug out. So you definitely want to let everything load up first. Make sure when you reset the filters you save it as well, otherwise, it will still default to what it was. I personally don’t use the filters, because I don’t like how it’s setup xD

    And just to verify, you were able to see servers prior to messing around with the filters, right?

    {edit} I just saw your other post. So nevermind! ;) Locking this one.

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