Strange DirectX installation : made my other games unstable

  • When I first tried to install this game, it asked me to install directX 8 and some other weird stuff. I already had a directX 11 video card, but I accepted since I didn’t wanted any trouble with the install.

    But since I made these operation, ALL of my modern other video games are extremely unstable. Some of them crash with an error message saying that no directX version was found.

    I suspect that in the process of installing chivalry, my computer had to downgrade it’s directX version. But I can’t tell for sure.

    What is exactly happening? Any idea? Why did it asked me to install such an old directX when I played Chivalry for the first time? How can I fix this?

  • Strange.
    Try downloading it again from Microsoft’s website: … aspx?id=35

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