Bandicam-no in game sound recorded

  • I am trying to record a few matches of Chivalry using Bandicam but for some reason my mic is recorded but none of the game sounds are.

    I tried just about everything to fix it only to find out this is a chivalry only related issue. I tried recording 10 other games on steam and they came out working perfectly so i would assume its just the game.

    Anyone have any ideas on what in the game might cause this?

  • I tell bandicam to record both in game and microphone audio as seperate files. I then add ten later.

    Though for me it suddenly just decided to record it all in one file again for some reason.

  • Yeah I’ve tried every combo of settings for Bandi that I can think of and nothing works.

    If I set it to record the area in the rectangle and play in windowed mode I can record just fine but fullscreen will not record sound.

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