Weapon ability

  • First of all, i’d say reduce the stun time on low stamina player

    then I will say weapon will have some ability, like the maul power would be to make an opponent out of stamina stun for 2 sec, wich is a lot more realistic then stunning 2 sec for a dagger hit, but in counter part , no feint or huge penalty for feint on those high dammage weapon

    as for spear, they can’t combo so less penalty on feint ( but still fix the spear in general before doing so)

    well, u can give ur idea about some type of weapon ability, though of it because of spear because they can’t combo so I though some weapon shouldnt be able to do stuff too and other could, it would make the type of weapon more unique

  • I’d say that there are two factors in terms of weapon to consider.

    A: Is it easy to deflect.
    (think about dagger/sword vs polehammer/maul (spear vs flail - got you thinking))

    B: How heavy is the weapon (is it 1h or 2h)
    (dagger vs maul (not much thinking required))

  • daggers could, instead of blocking, stray the enemy from him, but not stoping it, wich would make more sense, therefore the enemy could maybe combo again

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