Out of stamina stun causing shield bugs

  • Okay, this happens with any shield im pretty sure, but you run out of stamina, you get stunned for 2 seconds. normal right? (even though the stun itself and how quickly you lose stamina is a complete joke, come on tbs is really unfortunate, and i think it detracts from the games combat) So during that 2 seconds, of course you are tapping block as fast as you can to try to get that shield up as soon as you are done being stunned…BUT, because of this, what happens is as soon as you can bring your shield up, you bring it up once really quickly (because you are tapping block) and then you are forced to put it back down again for maybe half a second or more before you can put it back up again. It is an extremely annoying bug and is just one of the examples of controls feeling unresponsive in this patch. Of course as you can imagine, that half second or more extra that you cant bring your shield back up because of this bug is extremely important!

    Basically heres how to recreate it…

    Run out of stamina

    Try to block an attack

    You are stunned for a whopping ridiculous 2 seconds

    Keep tapping block as fast as you can as anyone would to get your shield back up

    It brings it up once really quickly, then prevents you from bringing it back up again for another half second or so.

    I can honestly say that at this point, reverting the patch, save a couple crucial bug fixes and well received buffs to the double axe, quarterstaff, and polehammer, is what would make the majority of players happy.

  • So on complain about one bug and say the whole patch sucks.

    Yeah that makes sense.

  • Yes, one bug, a pretty important one too. There are other bugs, and there are reasons to not like the patch. I had been experiencing this bug and it kept bothering me, so i decided to report it.

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