SDAR+General Inquiries as to WHY?!

  • Hello fellow players,

    I am not here to rant but point out things I have noticed as of recently returning to the game after 3-4 months AFK. -reason work life etc, if there is a logical explanation for any of my complaints or inquiries please feel free to let me know in polite and civilized way.

    A. Vanguards hit u from behind by accident when facing 180 degree from you, sometimes knights too.

    B. Point system in most if not all matches is not based off of K/D ratio (which any skilled player should be able to achieve with skill landing kills and avoiding deaths) but rather is based off of spamming dmg into groups with lengthy weapons, mainly Vanguards.

    C. Weapons swing through like 6 people with no diminishing damage returns as far as I know, killing others accidentally, and rewarding bad players. (Stop swing after first contact? or reduce dmg? No human being can swing a broad sword through 2-3 people and not lose velocity)

    D. MAA, I am completely aware I might just be bad and althought I have no problem killing MAA ranked 0-30ish, if anyone of them posses actuall skill in their class it is nearly impossible to kill them. (feint, into stab / feint into kick / spam swing after feint) any professional MAA ignores all of this and just slices and dices me like chop suey.

    E. How am I running out of stamina 3 moves into a fight? Not blocking multiple attacks, not spamming feint, not spamming swings, not using dodge as I am usualy Van/Knight.

    F. How do MAA dodge my attacks, panics block too, and swing their attacks dodge back and forward without running out of stamina and I am low after 2-3 swings 1-2 blocks?

    I already know what a duntz I am, so if you have any logicall answers for me or tips link or please explain what I am not understanding.

    p.s. What is the keybind too do a Stop Drop and Roll for MAA firebombs?

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