Weapon ideas, and where to start for a beginning modder

  • Hey people, I’d love to create some weapons that come from different places than medieval England, some really exotic stuff from all over the world. With the SDK already in beta, now seems like the time to finally throw my hand in. Problem is, I’m not sure where to start. I’ve taken a C programming class in Uni but apart from that I have no computer experience at all. So the question I have is: what do I have to learn, and where do I go to learn it? I know it may take some time to get the necessary skills under my belt, so any answers I get are hugely appreciated, thanks! Also, I’m only interested in creating weapons for C:MW, nothing else.

    For the curious, here are a few ideas I’m tossing around:

    Polynesian Leiomano (shark tooth club)
    Short range, high damage, moderately fast.

    Maori Hide Shield
    Uses very little stamina and does not drain stamina to hold up, blocked blows do damage similar to kick depending on weapon used.

    Gladiator Trident
    Somewhere between the fork and the brandistock.

    Australian Boomerang
    6 supplied, low damage. No, it doesn’t come back, neither did actual combat boomerangs.

    Indian Bagh Nakh and/or Katar (claws)
    Essentially fists with parry, slightly increased damage and range, and reduced speed.

    Sword Breaker
    Long and slow dagger, parries use low stamina.

    Greek Scissor
    Similar to katar, but more exaggerated.

    Chinese Zhua (clawed fist club)
    Shields take extra stamina to block, to represent its ability to tear shields from peoples’ hands. Would make an interesting secondary option.

    African Hunga Munga
    Used as a melee and ranged weapon like the javelin, but with no shield. Thrown with stab instead of slash.

    Joking. But I promise you someone will do it.

    Any comments very welcome for either part of the post. Also, if anyone else wants to create any of these, please do!

  • for makeing weapons ul need to start learning 3d software like maya,3dsmax autodesk gives out a student version of these, (there are also other ways to get these) there are thousands of tutorials out there on google etc. for adding costum weapons take a look at this tutorial by NabstarHax should get u some basics : http://www.chivalrythegame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=15753&p=162959#p162959

  • Blender is a good place to start if you have no money. It’s a open source 3D program which has heaps of tutorials online.


  • Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the replies guys, thanks!

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