Man at arms and why I fu**ing hate it!

  • I hate the man at arms left mouse button spammers.

    Here is how to beat anyone without doing anything.

    1)Pick man at arms
    2)Take shield and sword
    3) Engage Vanguard while pushing W and aiming at Vanguard
    4) Vanguard strikes
    5)His strike is slow as hell, block it:piece of cake
    6)While pushing W and aiming at Vanguard, start spamming left mouse button for a endless combo.
    7)After the 3rd hit Vanguard is dead.
    8)You win.
    9)Repeat until Vanguard quits game or changes class.
    Even if vanguard tries to hit you after 6, or during 6, his attack will get interrupted because of your spamming swings. Vanguard loses even if he tries to block.
    Seriously that Man at arms is extremely irritating, not to mention the ability to DODGE which is extremely exagerated. You cant just move your body few meters away in under half a second, can you?
    Also why knight has no special ability? And what about archer?
    Currently the Man at arms is the most exagerated character, and it needs to be fixed.

  • Please ban him from forum…

    Another crybaby who would like to inflict changes in the game because he can’t handle it. Watch the tutorials on YT, learn to play then post on forum.

    MAA is the easiest class to kill by vanguard - just learn to block, block and counter after blocking u have to hit him 1-2 times and have superior reach. MAA is no problem for vanguard if he learned to block…

    but sure dont learn to play, go post on forum and ruin the game for everybody because dev actually listens to people like u:)

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