Game keeps crashing udk.exe has stopped working

  • Hi,

    Ive been playing this game for quite some time and never had more then a rare crash.
    Lately however im crashing every couple of minutes and it makes playing near impossible.
    It started last week, I didnt add new drivers or anything so I got no clue what started it.
    I would crash after 45 min of playing and after that en restarting I would crash every 5-10 min.
    Sometimes even before even loading the menu.

    Tried all kind of drivers, reinstalled, played as admin, everything on low, verified game details.
    Tried to play with dx11, same thing, downloaded old versions of dx9, same problem.

    Most of the time I get atiumdag.dll and stackhash.dll error that i can read in the udk.exe has stopped working.
    Searched the net what gave me u need to download this and that, never worked.
    Tried a dll repair probram, no go either.
    Downloaded those files (cause they dont seem to be on my computer and put them in the system 32 maps from windows) again no go.

    As a last resort (and because I needed to do it soon anyway) i reformatted my computer just now only to find that on a clean install im still getting the same problem so im clueless now.

    Im not having any heat problems (everything between 40-50 degrees) so I doubt its my hardware and my specs are more then enough to play this game.

    Its more then possible that im still missing a driver here and there since i just reformatted but graphics card and motherboard i did first so those are up to date so gonna add the rest now.
    Added the 2 dumbfiles of the last 2 crashes with the info from the crashes and my dxdiag.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • And the dump files…

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