Looking for Players/Admins

  • Hi,

    Like the title says the =SM= SneakyMonkeys.com clan is looking for players and admins for our servers. Preferably UK/Europe but we do have some laggy US players :P

    We’re an old BF2 clan, operating since 2006ish however my clanmates seem to prefer BF3 FPS type games whereas I’m thoroughly hooked on Chivalry at the moment, so I’m looking for new meat for the grinder :D

    We’ve 2 servers up and running, both in London datacentres (not quite hammered out a good map/mode rotation yet).

    We’ve a 32-slot server and the epic laggy carnage of our new 50-slot server as well as the usual refinements of Teamspeak, website etc.,

    So what do we need?? Well I’d like some friendly regulars to decapitate :o

    In return we’ll give regulars who aren’t asshats admin rights - just to make sure the intentional TK’ers and infrequent speedhackers are dealt with. Thus making more fun for everyone to play on.

    The clan site is http://sneakymonkeys.com
    Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sneakymonkeys
    You can find the servers by searching for sneakymonkeys.com in the game browser

    If you’re interested then add me to steam (MonkeyFiend) or catch me on the server :D

    Thanks for reading!


  • nice psygnosis banner

  • Why thankyou, Mr Bastard :D

  • If you are a player and an admin

    does that make you a Paladin?

  • Or an adlayer :-)

  • thanks to those that have messaged me and sorry some of you have had difficulty getting on the 50 slot server - it’s been full recently and we’ve not way of sensibly making space on it.

    Anyway if anyone is still interested then I can also be reached on monkeyfiend@gmail.com

    thx :-)

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