Any canoers

  • So Friday taking time off to rent a canoe with gf but called rental place and they said they are going to test us first to check out our skillz.

    Um how hard is the test going to be - I guess its 1.5km to the island, they said something about testing our j stroke.

    ugh what, do I need to study youtube videos? I haven’t canoed for 10 years…

  • Don’t rock the boat and pace yourself, that’s about it really.

    Not much to worry about unless you are up against white water rapids.
    And when you want to go faster make sure you bellow “RAMMING SPEED”

  • I’m more of a kayaker.

  • Dig the paddle deep into the water and at the end of your stroke twist the oar slightly to bring the blade out cleanly. The speed of your stroke is less important than keeping it smooth and steady.
    If you have more than one person in the canoe, the one in the back should do the steering. Sync your strokes with the person in front of you.
    Stroke on opposite sides to keep steady. Stroke on the same side for small turns. Use a backstroke from the opposite side of the front rower to make quick turns.

    I didn’t really mean to make that sound so innuendo-ish. :D

  • @BillDoor:

    I didn’t really mean to make that sound so innuendo-ish. :D

    Works for me - thanks !

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