Bypass recovery from weapon bounce with combo

  • As far as I’m aware, when your weapon swing hits the ground or an object you are put into a recovery state.

    How come I can hear my weapon bounce off the ground or an object, yet I can still follow through If I combo at the right time? So instead of being put into a recovery state after your lookdown overhead bounces off the ground, you can bypass this recovery state by queuing your next attack like you normally would if you were trying to perform a combo.

    The recovery state from your weapon bouncing off the ground should not be able to be bypassed with anything AFAIK.

  • A certain # of tracers have to hit the ground/wall before the attack bounces, it won’t immediately bounce if you just graze it. So it’s possible to hit the ground/wall and hear the hit sound and still combo.

    Interesting to note you can actually do this with breakable objectives as well by just grazing them with the tip of your attack, but it will count as a miss and drain your stamina.

  • Yeah you recover way faster when you hit the ground even without comboing, because you do not have to go through with your full swing. It was patched awhile ago, its not nearly as bad as it used to be.

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