UDK.exe has stopped working

  • I have been annoyed by this problem all day, but haven’t had any encounters with this problem earlier. Chivalry crashed one time yesterday, and gave me the same error message as today: UDK.exe has stopped working, but that only happened one time, and that was the first time it had ever happened. But now every time I play the game, it crashes, and this error message appears. Sometimes it crashes at launch, and sometimes I can play for maybe 2-5 minutes before it crashes again.
    What’s also really weird is that sometimes when the game crashes, the computer either restarts automatically or goes to blue-screen. Skype also crashes sometimes at the same time as the game crashes.
    I have been searching for solutions all day, but not one of them has worked.
    I have tried re-installing the game, verifying the integrity of the game cache, updating the graphic card driver, reinstalling .net framework 4, deleting the config files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\Engine and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame then verifying it, giving it access through the firewall and anti-virus software, deleting the win32 folder and verifying the game, deleting the Chivalry folder under ‘‘my games’’, deleting Suppress=DevNet and Suppress=DevOnline in My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini.

    I have no idea what to try anymore to make this work, all I want is to be able to play the game.
    Also, how do I attach my launch log, my .dmp and my dxdiag file?

  • Yeah if you can post those two files, then hopefully we can narrow it down.

    At the bottom of when you post next to “options”, click “upload attachment” and follow the instructions from there.


  • Here is my most recent launch log and .dmp file

  • You’ve got your dxdiag as well?

  • Yes I’m getting the same issue… I don’t want to post my stuff so I’ll leave it up to the OP. It just randomly crashes and says “udk.exe has stopped working”.

  • Here

  • Some help would be appreciated.

  • I’m still waiting…
    All I want to do is to be able to play the FUCKING game I paid for

  • Here’s my latest launch log and dmp btw.

  • Developer

    The two dumps you got me are two crashes happening at two different locations within the Nvidia drivers. The fact that you’re also blue screening and Skype is crashing would seem to indicate that this isn’t a game-related crash. This is a either hardware-related or driver-related crash. Normal hardware troubleshooting for random blue screens includes:

    • check that the video card isn’t overheating
    • run a video card stress test to check the card, its shader cores, VRAM, and your PSU
    • run a CPU stress test to check out the CPU, RAM
    • run a memory test (Windows 7/8 have a built-in memory diagnostic, just type ‘memory diagnostic’ into the start menu; Memtest86+ is the strictest test)
    • run a video card stress test and a CPU stress test simultaneously to test the PSU, temperature, etc.

  • Gonna upload my logs and dumps as well.
    It’s probably because of the OCing of my CPU but I’m not sure at all, it runs perfectly fine for 20, 30 even 90 min and then it just randomly crashes. :?

    ! [attachment=2:qmikhgv8]unreal-v10246-2013.08.03-21.56.42.dmp[/attachment:qmikhgv8]
    ! [attachment=1:qmikhgv8]Launch.log[/attachment:qmikhgv8]
    ! [attachment=0:qmikhgv8]DxDiag.txt[/attachment:qmikhgv8]

    Thank you very much in advance for any hint what could cause this problem. :)

  • OKay, I’ve looked into it, and I don’t think that is the problem. My friend and I tried playing the game while talking on skype, he doesn’t have any problems with this crash, even though he plays on an fairly old laptop with mediocre specs, and a pretty bad cooling fan, which makes his computer very warm.
    I also stress tested my gpu and graphic card, and the results was just as expected, nothing is overheating, not even close. When I play Chivalry my computer is around 40-50°C, just like any other game.

    On more positive news; the game doesn’t crash as often anymore, but it still happens.

    Edit: Now it crashes all the time again, the game is unplayable.

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