Friend/foe help to colour blind people

  • I saw a guy in game who complained that He couldn’t tell the difference of friend and foe because He was colour blind. I just thought I would suggest an, by default disabled, option for easier friend recognition, such as a banner or the like, to make them more distinguisable.

  • An extremely thoughtful suggestion, but I doubt if it’s really necessary.

    I’m colourblind and it was probably me you saw complaining. A while ago I was wounded severely and the screen went into that vague ‘wounded state’ and that’s when it’s more difficult to really see the difference. Someone ran by me, I assumed he was a friend until he turned and killed me and that’s when I complained. But to be honest, I just tried again with bots and when I got wounded I could still see the colours.

    I’ve had this problem in Unreal where the teams are distinguished by colours, but you have multiple teams there with each a set colour. The red and blue colours are usually quite easy to distinguish for the type of colourblindness that I have and that is most common (anomalous trichomatry). It’s extremely rare for a person to be unable to seperate the two, it does happen, but it’s so rare that I doubt the people who suffer from it will play this game.

    So I’m sorry if my misguided rage misled you ^.^

  • This is still a valid point nonetheless and I’m sure would help others that struggle. A simple marker over teammates heads would be a solution, that of course is an option disabled by default but is there to help those that want to use it.

  • There’s a color blind mode already - open the console and type colorblindsim

    It’ll show you a list of several possible options for different types of color blindness.

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