How to Fix Game Stuttering for Intel Machines

  • Hello All,

    This may be a possible solution for people on intel machines that have speed-step technology.

    I myself have an i7 2600k 3.4ghz Sandy Bridge and have been suffering from horrible stuttering the past couple of weeks.

    I decided that I might as well OC my CPU to see if that helps, it did but the stuttering was still present. However, after disabling speed-step technology the game is smooth as butter on Max settings!

    I believe that Chivalry itself may not be optimized for quad core machines that utilize speed-step technology.

    This has to be the only explanation: The CPU must have been throttling back at a lower speed than it could run at while in-game.

    Maybe if the devs could try to add in some love for speed-step machines, who knows it might go a long way! ;)

    Anyways, with it disabled im back to having a blast in Chivalry!

    Hope this helps some people out there. 8-)

  • I seem to have similar effects with micro stuttering specially looking from left to right but not so much looking up and down. I have tried a wide variety of fixes and nothing has really worked. It is clear that the game is far from optimized as the game barely uses 40% of the processor.

    So what is it that you changed? What did you do to disable this CPU stepping? Is this for laptops or a tower? I am assuming that you went into your Power Options in your Control Panel and chose High Performance?

    I will try this and see if there is a difference. I am not holding my breath…. but here goes.

  • It is a option in the Bios, thats the best I can explain it. You should look for specifics on Google something should come up with regards to changing the mentioned modes.

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