How do I host a server?

  • I was told to post here rather than the Steam forum. I just can’t figure out how to host a server that my friends can see and join.

    I can make the game server show up for me and I can join it, but nobody else can see it. I forwarded my ports. When that didn’t work, I disabled my computer’s firewall and put my computer in my router’s DMZ. My friend also did the same. He still can’t see or join it.

    I just really would like to know how I can possibly get a server going so my friends and I can fight each other in our own super low ping space.

    I’d appreciate some help on this. It’s currently my favorite game, but now and then my friends and I just want our own space to play it. It would be disappointing to have to give up on this idea.

  • Anybody?

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