Alpha Blending/Floating Point Render Issues

  • Hello,

    It seems that my copy of Chivalry has fallen to the dreaded Alpha Blending/Floating Point Render issue that prevents me from starting the game.

    I have Googled a number of solutions to the problem including:

    • deleting the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games
    • updating drivers via control panel
    • deleting and reinstalling Chivalry through Steam
    • editing the UDKSystemSettings.ini file to “FloatingPointRenderTargets=False”

    However none of these fixes worked for me.

    A possible cause might be due to the fact that I’m running Chivalry on Windows 7 via a VM Ware Virtualisation on my Mac, but this doesn’t explain why Chivalry was working for me without problems 2 nights ago…

    Any ideas?

  • Sadly there are many ini files located in several other locations that may have that CVAR as well. Check into your Steam folder for other folders with engine or systemsetting ini.

    Lastly double check all of yoru driver settings. Depending on your card and drivers there maybe som advanced settings or programs that allow you to tweak advanced settings.

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