Split Second Lag Spikes

  • Hello,

    I’ve been getting weird lag spikes every time I play online multiplayer. Basically, every 10 seconds, I would get a lag spike that lasts for about 1-2 second. During the spike, players just move in the direction they were last moving towards, and then rubber bands to their actual position after the spike is over. The problem with this is I can’t really fight between the 1-2 seconds, and I normally die after the spike.
    I’m not the greatest computer person, but I’ve looked at some possible reasons for this.

    I don’t think its hardware / recommended specs issues. My laptop is a new toshiba p50 (i7 4700MQ, GT740M, 16GB RAM, etc.) I also know its not a frame rate issue, I’ve turned on stat FPS and the frame rate is fine during spikes. I also check driver updates for all my devices, network devices, etc.

    I’ve checked all firewall and application control settings to make sure the game is trusted/allowed.

    I’ve followed the instructions on Performance/Lag Issues thread, and a whole bunch of other threads (like deleting ini files) to no avail.

    I’ve tried playing bots, no issues whatsoever.

    I only play on servers lower than 70 ping, but during the spikes, it goes up to ~300 then drops back to <70.

    I’ve ran several broadband quality tests (like pingtest.net) while I’m playing a match that lagged spiked, but the test indicated no packet loss, atleast to their test servers.

    So I’m completely stuck. I don’t lag like this on other multiplayer games, on any other online activity for that matter. I like the game but its unplayable because I can’t even successfully fight for more than 10 seconds. I’m almost sure its a packet loss /server issue within the game, it lags only on online multi, and the weirdest thing, it spikes consistently every 10 seconds. ( I may have overlooked some security thing and some port is blocked or what not, but idk).

  • Whats your upload speed? I had a friend who had an issue similar to this.

  • Upload speed is 2 Mb/sec. Download is ~15.

  • Have you gone to Task Manager -> Performance Tab -> Resource Monitor -> Network Tab. Take a look and see if anything in there has more traffic than it should. If you’d like to PM the list, I can let you know if something malicious is sucking up your bandwidth at certain points.

  • Under Processes with Network Activity & Network Activity right? I can tell you the list right now, its my antivirus / firewall at total 700 bytes/sec, Firefox at 500, then System at 30, and 5 svchost.exe network stuff but they add up to 72.

  • Hmm… Well that’s not what I was hoping for. I have ran into other cases where people had BS software like PMB.exe running or other junk. I’d suggest monitoring that in windowed mode while you play to see if something spikes up when the lag comes in.

  • I found my wireless repeater in an attempt to improve my connection in general, it seems to be working (after an hour of online matches). Funny thing is that my other computer can play this fine, without repeater help.

    Anyways, thank you for helping.

  • I don’t know why I was thinking you were hard lined. Guess I use to be the only one who did that with a laptop lol. But yeah also, make sure your comp isn’t getting too hot. Sometimes laptops heat can cause network issues with the network card.(not all models mind you, just something to keep in mind)

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