HIVEGAMING.NET Now Hosting 64 Slot Servers!!

  • Due to increasing demand is sending more 1U power houses to the Chicago, IL. datacenter. Clients will now be able to order, “by popular demand”, 64 slot Chivalry dedicated game servers!

    But that’s not all! As an added bonus, when you Pre-Order your 64 slot Chivalry server for a limited time and/or limited number of orders you will receive 30% off for the life of the account!

    Simply Put… We feel our servers are better!! Our support is faster, and our network just kicks ass. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say here. Unlike other GSP’s we “The Hive Network/Hive Gaming” own all of the equipment being sent to the datacenter. It’s all built in-house, and tested thoroughly at our facility before we ship it out! WE DON’T RENT AND RESALE TO OUR CLIENTS EVER!! We also never oversell our servers with cheap slot counts to make a profit or host slot counts that our servers can’t handle like most GSPs do. We will not always be the cheapest GSP However, we do frequently give our clients crazy savings with promo codes and discounts throughout the year, but we will guarantee you we are the best bang for your buck when it comes to support, performance and our network reliability with a 99.99% uptime with top Tier ISP providers such as Level3 & INTERNAP just to name a few. In fact we base our reputation off of it.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order service. The server parts are expected to arrive July 26, 2013. Once the servers are built they will be thoroughly tested and benchmarked before being sent to the Chicago datacenter. The testing and benchmarking period is expected to last two weeks at which time the prices will return to normal. Act now to lock in 30% for the life of your account.
    Servers have been racked and we are processing orders.

  • How’s this for sexy

  • Definitely sexy. ;)

  • Just to save people rummaging, these servers seem to be available in Chicago only

    The list price is $78.72 however can’t seem to get the code hivegaming64 to work

    Anyway… no love for us over in sunny Europe :(

  • @MonkeyFiend:

    Just to save people rummaging, these servers seem to be available in Chicago only

    The list price is $78.72 however can’t seem to get the code hivegaming64 to work

    Anyway… no love for us over in sunny Europe :(

    First let me thank you for pointing out the issue with the promotion code, the date was incorrect, it has been resolved.

    Secondly, we as a company would love nothing more than to be worldwide and we plan very much to do so. There’s also a few ways we could go about doing it. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do it, and what most GSPs do, is to rent servers from shoddy datacenters with high latency ISPs at the cheapest rate. We’re not saying all GSPs do this, just most. Or we can do it the right way, which is our way, and build ourselves up from the ground up with reliability, true performance, and stellar support. We believe our hardware is among the best, or THE best, in the industry and it has taken us almost three years to get the GSP side of our company off the ground. Believe it or not, it’s a very tough market to break into and we are in the process of building the quality of our name.

    So with that said, we have every expectation of expanding our reach and we feel Chicago is the best place to start. HiveGaming servers reside in the world’s largest datacenter and are backed by the world’s leading top-tier ISPs. When you rent from HiveGaming you’re getting pure quality from the ground up. It’s taken us three years to build the reputation, “if you rent from Chicago you go HiveGaming”, and we plan for that reputation to precede us as we expand our reach. In the meantime, we are collecting data for prospective locations. If you’d like to see HiveGaming host in a particular area please let us know.

    Happy fragging and see you on the battlefield.

  • The servers have been racked!! 64 Slot Test Servers are up Enjoy. Get yours today!

  • I am curious how high the clock speed is. This is much more relevant to 64 slots than multiple cores. UDK isn’t that multi-thread friendly, sadly.

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