We need more Voicechat options

  • I am missing some options in the voicechat menu:

    • “Wait!”/“Wait for me!”/… (for all those rush-in leeroys)
    • “Good job!”/“Well done!”/… (for people who actually get stuff done)
    • “Move your ass sqire!”/“Stop fooling around you pansy!”/… (some “motivation” for the rest)
    • “Oh - that must have hurt!”/“You look flattened!”/… (some cheesy post-mortem lines)

    Also: more taunts!

  • few ideas on voice acting, not big enough for a new thread:

    +Instead of having each voice actor assigned to a specific class/team, we should be able to pick which actor we want to represent us, which would apply to every class you play…just an easy way to add more customization.
    ++If it’s not too resource consuming; make voice acting server side. Right now if you push “help”, you will most likely not hear the same ‘help’ as everyone else, which is disappointing when you say the prefect emote, but know no one else heard the same…
    +++Get those same actors back into the recording studio and make more gold.

    -di? arc?e? ?cµ?

  • How about working voicechat (the microphone kind). That would be nice too. -__-

  • I totally agree that we could need some more Voice Commands, I’m totally missing out “Good shot!” and “Well done!”.

    But what this game absolutely needs are dramatic “NOOOOOO!” sounds, comparable to those when you fall.
    E.g. your entire team gets wiped and and you just run away screaming NOOOOOO!

    That would be hilarious. :D

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