Dodging Feels Clunky

  • I’m enjoying myself quite a bit so far, but I can’t get over how clunky dodging feels. There are times when I dodge on accident and die a horrible death because of it, and there are times where I attempt to dodge but fail to do so and die a horrible death because of it.

    I have always despised double-tap mechanics, ever since the days of Mortal Online where I would “dodge” off of a cliff I was trying to slowly approach. I would much prefer a system like guild wars, where you can assign it to a key. Pressing it while standing still would dodge backwards, and pressing it while moving in any direction would dodge in the direction you were moving.

    As it stands right now, I do not even attempt to use the dodge mechanic, because more often than not, I will screw it up and get myself killed. I would really like something to be done to make it less clunky.

  • TBS is testing a dodge key internally last I heard. It’s been requested a lot, so don’t be surprised if you see it sooner rather than later.

  • That is great to hear.

  • They’d better double to stamina cost if that’s the case. Dashing is comical as it is, being able to execute one in motion will look ridiculous while damn near breaking the game. I admit the current system is a little jarring, but at least it’s power is limited and predictable. If tehy’re gonna make it more fluid they need to increase the stamina cost to match.

  • We’ve taken your suggestion into consideration – expect to see something next patch :)

  • Add a .5 second cool down and it will be perfect. That will prevent people stringing dodges together to be unhittable.

  • I believe a cooldown could prove usefull.

  • I think you should be able to spam dodge, without cool down and able to interrupt animations.

    This is supposed to be a skill based game, no? Should all be up to reaction time.

  • spamming a key isn’t about skill; a short cooldown would be perfect.

  • I think rather than a cooldown, repetitive dodging should drain more and more stamina. So for example, if you space out your dodges you might get 6 dodges from a full stamina bar, but if you spam really fast you’ll only get 3.

  • I agree with slygoat !

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