MAA dodge bails on me sometimes.

  • Sometimes, usually after getting a good thwack to the face, dodge stops working entirely. Not just for the flinch duration, mind you, but until I alter my movement in some way, like sprinting or jumping. I’ll be mashing my dodge key (I use one-button) and nada, zilch, nothing. Dunno if this has been reported or not.


  • It has been reported and from what I’ve experienced, there is actually a lot more “states” a MaA can be in where his dodge is disabled. Whether this is meant to be correct or not I am not so sure.

    There are times where the dodge cooldown even feels way longer than its meant to or it simply doesn’t work.

  • same here. i think it’s a one-button-dodge problem. for some reason one-button-dodge is not allowed whlie running, right? (which is really annoying, they should just make you not run for .1 seconds because that’s all it take sto be able to Dodge, and then have your character Dodge, rather than making it a game of chance whether the Dodge will happen or not if you stop running and then click dodge)

    what i think happens is this Dodge disable from running doesn’t release when you stop running by force (like getting hit while running, or running into stuff, idk, slt)

  • It happens the same with double tapping. Sometimes it just stalls.

  • Dodge also doesn’t work when holding a throwable, doesn’t really make sense.

  • @DoubleYman:

    Dodge also doesn’t work when holding a throwable, doesn’t really make sense.

    That’s intended.

  • Every time they add states where the MAA can’t dodge they just serve to make him feel more unresponsive, which feels like it goes against the grain of the rest of the game which seems to have precision at it’s heart.

    You also in practice get an increase in the intended delay, because you try to dodge, then realise you haven’t dodged, and try again. The .1 or .2 second delay that looked so reasonable in the changelog suddenly becomes a fatal mistake while you’re trying to work out what the eff just happened.

    It’d be an idea if dodge commands were stored, and applied at the end of the non-dodging state rather than ignored. It’d go a long way to make the MAA feel responsive again.

  • Why does dodge have a cooldown after being hit? =____=

    I mean, this is a world where MAA can get one-shot by a variety of weapons if he messes up. The dodge has been reduced to a mere defensive maneuver (because god forbid a lightly armored class can LUNGE into an attack, that would be preposterous)…you’d think they’d draw the line at locking the MAA out of the one thing that makes it semi-survivable. Knights always have their armor and HP pool, vanguards always have their ridiculous sweeping attacks…MAAs should always have their dodge.

  • Yeah. I have had periods where I am unable to dodge for 5-15 seconds at a time…

    It seems to happen randomly.

  • You can’t dodge on flinch, that might be the reason for some of you.

  • nah, sometimes i’m just running, not even in combat or anything, and it just won’t work for like 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Sometimes I am just backtracking, literally doing nothing else. Injured yes, not flinched, not parrying, not anything else. And the thing still stalls.

  • yeah just today i was regaining stamina. so i was basically just standing around, close to enemies, but not engaged. then when i had about 75% stamina i tried to dodge side-ways to dodge missiles and it didn’t work.
    this seems to happen quite a lot.

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