Should my pc be able run above or at least 30fps?

  • I have an AMD radeon hd 7730m gpu 2gb (has integrated graphics 7660G), 8gb of ram, and an amd a10 quad core. right now im getting 20-30fps, should i be able to get more. I’ve heard that sometimes chivalry decides to run on the integrated graphics, would anyone know how I would change it?

    Thanks for your help! :D

  • Its using your 7730 alright. Wouldn’t run at all with your integrated graphics. Unless everything is on low maybe.

    The 7730m is not a good card. It benches the same as a standard AMD 5670. And that’s an old card. I have the OC GDDR5 edition of the 5670 and I can tell you the FPS you are getting now is what you expect.

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