Post-mortem Hit locations.

  • I had an idea that after you are killed it shows you a silhouette of your character with red marks where you were struck during your life. I’ve been told its kind of like in Max Payne 3. I just think it would help when you’re trying to see if an enemy is especially fond of hitting your legs or always seems to go for head shots. It would let you know what always gets you and arm you with the knowledge to change your tactics (ie. duck more if you’re getting hit in the upper torso or head). It would also serve in showing what kind of attacks were landed on you, such as a horizontal mark for slashes, a vertical mark on overheads, and a red dot for stab or arrow wounds.

    Feel free to suggest any improvements or feedback. :-)

  • I believe a better indicator of where you’re being hit while you’re still alive is being added at some point, which will help both with this and with situational awareness.

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