Your first 30 hours of game play

  • Would it be a good idea to make a new index called:
    Your first 30 hours of game play

    People could make threads/topics in this index and then have constructive help from more experienced players.

    The reason i bring this up is that often new people are flamed for giving their opinion on something as opposed to being given constructive feedback.

  • That is a smart and sensible idea. I often see people flamed for just asking reasonable questions.
    SO NO!!! That is a dumb and U R STUPID! :P

  • :D
    I’ve noticed once people realise that someone has very few hours of game play under their belt they ease up a bit and then give more ‘appropriate advice’

  • In my first 30 hours of game play, I got beat up by a speedhacker. He was also a bugger, exploiter, used OP weapons, cheated, used scripts, macros, and had no life.

  • In other words, he was part of the competitive scene.

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