Sound/Feedback issue

  • Weird problem I’ve been getting recently:

    Hit feedback is all odd. When I land a weapon hit, I cant describe it so well but it used to feel chunky, and with a sound effect to let me know that it connected properly. Atm I quite often land a killing blow and I get the same feedback i’d get if i’d missed the swing completely, if that makes sense. Its annoying, it feels strange - and sometimes it makes me think I’ve not landed hits when I have - especially annoying with grandmace, etc.

    Its odd, what could the issue be?

  • Any chance you could record some gameplay to give a better picture of what you’re talking about? I bet our sound guy could identify the problem if he heard it.

  • I was trying to video it, but bizarrely - its now rectified itself and I cant. Pretty weird, as it was doing it for a few days, absolutely no idea what the issue was - and now its gone, without me doing anything. Sorry! lol!

    Weirdest, randomest thing ever.

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