Devs, please give more options to improve FPS for low-specPC

  • Hi devs, i would suggest you guys give us more options to improve the FPS for people that has low-spec computers, like me.

    Two ideas, would help
    first, let us please remove the FOG, smokes(not the vanguard smoke), from some maps.

    second, when we choose a low resolution to improve our FPS, please adjust the FONT size of the chat and kills reports. it is annoying trying to put a low resolution and the chat and the kills reports stay all over the screen…

    For the fog, i know some would disagree, like in Shooting games, they are not allowed to be removed in order to don’t give advantage to players shoot from far distances. But in chivalry, archers don’t have that huge range anyway, it would really help m e and others players with low specs.

    When I play “clean” maps, i get fps from 40~60.
    but once i play maps with a lot of fog, smokes, my fps gets 20+, which really lowers my fun and performance. and i already put everything on LOW. Please, let us remove fog from game if we want, and lower the font size of low resolution chat.

    Thank you.

  • This helps alot: … eak-Guide/

    There’s also an option to scale down texture resolution without touching interface resolution (explained in the guide). Check this page of the Performance/Lag Help! thread as well. Sir jealot explains how to change the sound compression which helped my fps alot. I personally set it to 3 and had no side effects.

    In there you can find many people who may have discovered why the game is always hungry for more hardware and is almost incompatible with older systems. I myself don’t have a top notch pc but Chivalry is the ONLY game making trouble. TB should def do something about it but they’re atm trying to break out of an endless balance circle and finally bring in all the content they actually wanted to release ages ago…. you shouldn’t wait for them to fix it.

  • A lot of graphics settings won’t really help FPS for most people, unfortunately, because the game tends to be bottlenecked by CPU more than GPU. Typing “scale lowend” in console should set everything to minimum spec, including some stuff that isn’t in the options menu.

    The sound compression thing Escadin linked can definitely help ease the load on your CPU, but if you don’t have an excess of RAM it could have adverse effects, which is likely the case if you’re running the game on a laptop.

  • I don’t get why on battlegrounds (with low details) you cant see anything because of the fog but with high details vision is much more clearer.

  • hi, thanks for the replies. I am running the game from a HP Pavillion desktop
    processor athlon II X2 255 3.10 Ghz
    6gb ram

    ati radeon HD 6570 graphjic card.

    I know my computer is already outdated, but I play Skyrim pretty much on medium high, and good fps.
    i play battlefield 3 too all on medium/high with fps from ~35~50, even on maps with a bit of fog
    besides that, i also play swtor on high, good fps.

    for some reason, chivalry makes me play everything on low, and low fps in two situations: maps with fogs/smokes, such as the map where you have to lead a cart with bomb to explode a gate, the volcano map, and the beach map where you have to destroy the trebuchets. there 3 maps i really got FPS problem.
    @Escadin i have done pretty much all these tweaks and didnt improve a lot of fps.
    i don’t want to play chilvary like if i was playing a playstation 1 graphic game tho:(

    and @@rumpel, that is true. i see better at distance when the graphics are on high on fog maps. but lower fps tho.

    @SlyGoat, I will try this command.
    out of that, i really have fps issues when playing on 64 players room…

    so i was wondering, when i reduce the resolution to 800x600, i get poorly more 5 fps, but helps, the problem is that the chat box gets huge, and removes a lot of my vision, together with the kills reports. i should have a way to reduce their font size

  • Usually fog is use to increase FPS. As you can decrease the draw distance to the limits of the fog.

  • decresing draw really make the game sux.

    well, i tried some tweaks i found on this forum.

    I found a setup the game doesn’t look so bad, and i get fps from 30 (crowded battles) up to 50, 60 when it is nothing much on screen.
    only the characters actually look bad.
    I only left turned on depth of field, so the game doesn’t look so ugly, and for some reason; with the graphics low, the depth of field somehow look like it gave me a few fps, when with more graphic quality it reduced fps before.

    I am playing ok now, but 64 players match still get 15~20 fps. my way now, is avoid the svs full, but really wish i could play them.

    hope is the devs work on make the game use less gpu/cpu power in the future, or in some months buy a new rig.

    thanks for all imputs here.

  • I got pretty much the same problem : maintaining constant 76 fps is difficult.

    Instead of asking a change of the bases of the game (high number of players, huge maps, effects everywhere, etc.), I would like to know if adjusting the size of the votekick/kill/chat console is possible ?

    Kicks are really annoying : cant see a third of my screen at 1024*768

  • they will some day implement a feature where the votekick window disappears after you voted. That’s what I’ve read anyway.

  • The game was intended to support up to 32 players. People are of coarse able to create server with more if they like, but the game was optimized for 32.

    “The game is skill-based and controls like a FPS, but instead of guns and grenades, players are given swords, shields, maces, battleaxes and longbows. Set in a fictional, yet gritty and realistic world, players will fight in fast paced online battles besieging castles, raiding medieval villages and fighting for glory in the arena with up to 32 players.”

  • thanks for the reply sir.

    I see, but even on 32 we face some problems.
    it would be cool at least if we could reduce the font size of chat, kills, and kick box. because if we try use a low resolution to make game runs better fps. teh chats and words are huge, and block almost all screen

  • I agree there should be a way to do that in game (font size) as i play with 30 frames MAX (by myself) and as low as 5 frames. I actually play chivalry competitively as well. Im not sure how, but there is a way to reduce the font/text size in game so you can play on low resolutions with ease.

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