Rank presitge

  • Hello everyone, I have thought that once you reach Rank 50. You have nothing really to chase after, and that is both good and “bad”.

    This would not have a bigger impact just so you can observe who is an professional and not.
    And a goal to chase after.

    That after reaching level 50 you can prestige. Boom you get reseted back to Rank 0 but you keep your weapons. And lets say that you gain a cool helmet if you do this enough time, or maybe something else really cool.

    I dont see anything negative with this, only postive.

    • You have a higher goal to obtain.
    • You can achieve more rewards through playing more
    • You can achieve different Rank “symbols” so there is more variety than just a number and a shield.

    I know it might sound like a rip-off from Call of Duty, but this was a good idea they had actually, and many more games have used this.

    Everyone at Tornbanner studios take good care of yourselves.


  • You can go past 50, you know.

  • @dudeface:

    You can go past 50, you know.

    Wow, that is fucking great.
    How far can you go then?

  • Maybe 2,147,483,647 or so.

  • There is no max rank, but considering the rank requirement doubles every 7 ranks you’ll have a hell of a grind ahead of you to the triple digits :P

  • 54 is highest I’ve seen so far.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    54 is highest I’ve seen so far.

    Apparently someone said there was a rank 56 guy on here somewhere.

    But the highest ive seen is rank 53.

  • Special customisation options for high rank would be nice. Same goes for special customisation for doing something extraordinary (like surviving as Malric against 10+ opponents or killing 7 people at once).

  • I am stuck at rank 32 and it wont increase. ( beucase i got boosted through a bug to 31 and now I am stuck at that rank, if anyone knows how to reset just PM me. )

  • Maybe you will rank up when you reach the total kill threshold for rank 33 instead of the kills needed from rank 32 to rank 33.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    54 is highest I’ve seen so far.

    dat helicopter vanguard in ffa

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