Server list is not working

  • i have tired every singel solution to get the server list to work and every single one failed
    please, i really need help, thanks in advance

  • Same here. It worked last year -_-, it works on my laptop, but not on my pc. I’ve read almost every Server thread and tried the solutions named, reinstalled even steam lol. I even checked my router, though my laptop works with it… Nothing. Back when i bought the game i didnt use to have that problem, but with the first patches, i used to have that problem sometimes, but not constantly and i was able to log in following a friend on steam. That was bad enough so i quit playing and hoped for something. BUT now even following a friend wont work no longer and after trying the java serverbrowser which uses to work every 10th time, cause the game sometimes will connect and some times more will open the ingame server browser… hahaha the great one. im frustrated like hell. And seriously … i dont want to play on my laptop.
    Maybe its related to Win7(Pc) and Win8(laptop) and some of the patches??

    Just a question: What do you think of a MULTIPLAYERgame, that has and has to have an alternative serverbrowser…honestly?

    All the best for you mates, but there wont be a solution. 15 People cashing only

  • Maybe add chivalry to the steam server overlay? How difficult is it to implement?
    I used to have that issue in Killing Floor, where it would never show any servers in game, but I could join through the steam server list.

  • i did delete my config folder from steam, it worked for a day or 2
    but now its back to the same

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