Free for all tweak mode

  • I was playing Free for All (FFA) and I keep getting ninja’d by people spawning behind me, so thought a mode where you can pair with another player and have them watch your back would be more fun. Simple way to achieve this is being chained together at the ankle. So when you move they have to move, etc. but both can cover one another.

  • Lol. That would be interesting.

  • Halo had multi-team mode, basically like 10 teams of 2.

  • Haha, yeah, reminds me of Gladiator :P All the slaves get linked to another, then you fight as a “team” against the gladiators, but you look out more for the guy chained to you than to your team.

    Could be a game mode for that. There are two teams, but you don’t really work as a team, you don’t need to care if they die because it only matters if you and your friend survive. Or just you. You could get a bonus if your friend survive, but you don’t get any points for “team” victory. Match is just over when one side wins, but points are distributed for pairs (like, all the points for kills and assists you do are counted as points for the pair of you.)

  • Well it has its good and bad, good being your back is watched, bad being you are anchored via a dead body if your partner gets killed. Originally thought that it made sense if only the pair could break the chain easily, with opponents having a harder time breaking it.

    But on reflection I think the idea doesn’t suit free-for-all or duel because you would just have 2 pairs of players facing off against each other most of the time, unless the chain is particularly long, then its sort of redundant. That face off would render cleaves etc. dangerous to the opponents and your partner.

    So anyway, the original thought was of two players fighting back to back.The only way it would work is like, as SavageBeatings says, is a gladiator type deal. Where its a chained duo versus 1-4 non-chained players.

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