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  • I’m just wondering, if i bought the game today would i be buying and downloading the latest version or would i have to download it myself? Also where do you go to update chivalry, or where would you go to download the latest patch? is the download link in-game? do you have to go to the only reason I’m asking this is ever since Iv’e been buying virtual games without a CD there’s always been something going wrong. please help because i don’t want to pay $25 for a game that i cant update or something.

  • Once you register the key to steam(if you didn’t buy it in steam), it will automatically install the latest version. So just get it in steam, and you are good to go. And you need steam to play the game fyi.

  • @ChuckingIt:

    And you need steam to play the game fyi.

    do you need to sign up for steam or do you just need to download it and you’re good to go?

  • Yeah you need to sign up so you can log in and register the key to that account. Then where ever you log in, you will then have access to your game.

  • A PC gamer without steam?

    Where have you been.

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