Server failed to redirect to Steam sockets URL

  • Hi,

    i run 2 chivalry server on my root (ubuntu 12.04 with wine), 1 duel & 1 multi mode
    they’re in /chivalry/ installed
    and since today the multi mode server say “Server failed to redirect to Steam sockets URL”, the duel server run really nice

    i use these runscripts


    cd Binaries/Win32
    wine UDK.exe AOCTO-Battlegrounds_v3_P?steamsockets -dedicated=true -multihome=XXXXX -configsubdir=config_multi -log=multi\multi_name -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7777 -QueryPort=7778 -maxplayers=32

    cd Binaries/Win32
    wine UDK.exe AOCDuel-Arena_Flat_p?steamsockets -dedicated=true -multihome=XXXXX -configsubdir=config_duel -log=duel\duel_name -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7787 -QueryPort=7788 -maxplayers=16

    what is wrong with this damn server?
    sry, 4my bad sry for my bad grammar
    edit: LOL, today its run :D wtf i do nothing xDDD

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