No target reticle in fullscreen

  • I have no target reticle in fullscreen, only windowed mode.

    Any fix for this?

  • Well, it’s not a resolution issue because I have 1920x1080 too. What happens when you press the ‘U’ key? If that doesn’t work, have you updated your graphics drivers lately?

  • Ya everything is up to date. It’s weird it comes and goes. Oh well.

  • I’ve known it to disappear on me in the past. Any more info on the steps you took for the Crosshair to disappear would be great - Were you switching between fullscreen/windowed in a single session? Did it re-occur after restarting? Is it only ever in fullscreen that it comes and goes, or windowed too? Does it come and go after a death or other in game action?

  • Fired up the game and I was in a windowed mode. Decided to go fullscreen and noticed the reticle gone, figured I was in some realism server till I asked in chat. Started to play with all the video setting toggles till I realized it was a fullscreen/window issue. It would come and go after a death and only in Fullscreen. In windowed mode it was always there. It was only one session so far.

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