Delay on blocking or no block at all

  • As the title says I’ve been having this bug where i right click to block, and either it takes 1-2 seconds for a block to actually come up. Or it doesn’t block at all and i have to right click again. Very rarely it works as normal and i can block just fine. No i am not just saying this cause i have this “issue” when I’m fighting someone, i have tried in and out of combat, results are the same. Also every time i start the game it does a first time set-up and the longer i play the more buggy the game becomes. Any help in fixing this would be great and very appreciated. Oh, and i should point out that i have reinstalled the game a few times and it doesn’t seem to completely fix it. Sometimes it works pretty well, but after a couple times of playing the game (as in starting the game up after i close it) it starts to get buggy again. Also i have noticed recently that there seems to be a delay on it actually allowing me to attack sometimes. And just to clarify, It is a new mouse and it works fine, i have no delay issue or problems with the mouse itself outside of the game.

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