While sprinting as MAA camera briefly drops into the floor

  • Seems to have cropped up since the latest patch. When playing MAA and sprinting around like normal in first person mode, my camera will suddenly and quickly swing into my feet/floor and then back to my eyes like normal. It’s very distracting and can cause me to fail in a fight. Not sure if it’s an issue with the levels/maps design, or an issue specifically with MAA and the speed he’s trying to travel. Anyone else seeing this?

  • I’ve also had it happen to me several times since the last patch. For me it only happened during a dodge though.
    I wanted to take a video of it, but it’s so rare that it never happened during recording.

  • That tpos’s you client sided for a second. It happens when you tap shift and immediately dodge, there really aren’t any uses for it other than it’s just annoying.

  • Yeah, it’s not “useful” it’s annoying bug that makes it hard to play w/maa unless I remember not to sprint right away :P which seems like it shouldn’t be…

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