Need help, with some server settings

  • HELLO im going to post my support tickets to my server provider, it’ll save me alot of retypeing time. hopefully someone can answer these 2 questions . and help me out. please also ill be on the ip for teamspeak all day so if u see this and just would rather pop in its cool. theres no password. no1 is ever on accept me because no1 knows about it.

    Posted by knuk221 (2013-07-26 9:33 PM)

    hey im sorry so say, id like to drop the teamspeak when the next ts bill is due. well every1 begged me to get one and said the server needs voice comms……so i get one and only 3 people have ever came on and played even though i always spam the ip when im in the game server. i really think its because the game has no server messages. or no title board i can type the ip on for everyone too see. … in the FTP ive found things that mention server messages but i can never get them to work, or show up in chat… im not sure if i asked u about this already but is there such a thing in this game (server messages) i havent seen them on any other server. so im guessing not. but if there is and if u know how to get them to work let me know.

    Posted by josh (2013-07-26 9:50 PM)

    In the server config there is a set_server_message line that creates an MOTD that everyone sees when they join the server. Make sure the “#” is removed from in front of it or the server wont be able to read the command line properly for it.

    Posted by knuk221 (2013-07-27 4:37 PM)

    hey im in the ftp searching up and down, im in the script called PCServer-UDKGame.ini and i cant find it… honestly i couldnt find it to begin with, um can u please set it for me. all id like the message to say is this. "The public Teamspeak address for -GoT- is " thats it. if u know how please do.
    i also have 1 more question now after looking over the FTP, ok i have found this bDoSpeedHackDetection=true it was always set as false and now i have changed it to true. i figured if the server can detect speed hacks, thats great. but then i noticed this iSpeedhackCountThreshold=0 and i have no clue what to set that as. im guessing that goes with the speed hack detection. so what do i set the threshold as? like whats the normal speed. im guessing the normal speed is the threshold and anything above the threshold gets kicked… am i correct in thinking this, and what should it be set as. hell if u want to set the threshold while doing the server message id be so great full. thanks you
    P.S. - well ill be keeping that TS server if u set that server message. also i saved the changes i made, but i did’nt restart the server. figured they will take place when u make the requested server message change and restart it. thanks again…

    Posted by Jeff-2 (2013-07-27 4:55 PM)

    chivalry doesn’t support the motd feature at this time,check there forums .

    Posted by knuk221 (2013-07-27 5:32 PM)

    OK…how about the other half ? do u know about that or…

    ok guys thats it. the support ticket is still open. but i got a feeling there not going to be of any help with these 2 questions. im pretty new to this aswell .

  • None of the two features you want are working in Chivalry as of right now.
    With a little luck, possibly in the next patch, which will introduce a bunch of admin features.

  • dammit thanks bro

    1. In the next patch, we’ll have rcon support and many new fun stuff for admins to do, including server messages and the like. Should be coming out soon!

    2. We have new cheat/hack prevention setup in the game, so you won’t have to worry about anything yourself. Of course if you see something out of the ordinary, then you can still contact me about it -

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