Additional Voice Commands

  • What would you like to see/hear? Shouting stuff out is great, I could totally go for another 10 commands on V.

    Personally I’d like to see:

    1. “COWARD!” (a unique taunt especially for those who run away, chicken noises optional)
    2. “Careful now.” (I’m worried just saying ‘No.’ Whenever a teammate hits me isn’t quite getting the message across)
    3. “Shhhh…” (for sneak attacks)
    4: “Left!/Right!” (Completing what “Forward!/Retreat!” started)
    5: Both sides of the entire Black Knight sketch. “I move… for no man.” etc. (For when one person is holding a very small bridge, and the other wants them to join a clan.)

  • I agree with all of your suggested commands, and propose to also had a “Stick together/Don’t split up!”

    Mason Knight says it best: “Strength is in numbers, stick together!” and I wish I could just spam that constantly so my random solo pub team mates did just that.

  • i don’t think we need any more commands, 20 is more than enough. but a faster version of “hey, you, friend, over there, uhm…you have to, really really quickly, as fast as you can, redirect yourself to face the opposite side that you are now currently looking at, because there’s some bloody enemies sneaking up behind you!”

    it always quite bothers me why it takes them so long to get to a point that is almost always urgently needed when you use it.

  • Alright, after chasing some MAA around frigid on Last Team Standing who seemed determined to do anything but fight, a ‘Coward!’ command is all but essential. I mean god damn.

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