Ghost swings still exist =/

  • Still happens randomly.

    The most common one I see is the one where it looks like they are feinting the attack, and then I’m still being hit without a swing happening.

    I haven’t seen desyncs from parry yet though.

  • You mean you haven’t seen the complaining about it???

    Doesn’t happen much on the servers I play on but it still happens randomly on others.

    Though on an FFA game there was a guy just completely desynced. His ping was 70 just everything was outta timing with him. All his animations would play just late. You would swing and your weapons would be parries where he isn’t actually standing. A second later you would see him parry and you would get hit by something and after you recover you then see his animation come at you. I had to kick him as he was asked to rejoin and refused to do so becuase he thought he would lose his score and be banned for 5 minutes. I kicked him as admin and he come back and was still in first and was no longer desynced.

  • This could possibly be the player trying to feint too late, but the server thinks he feinted on time and cancels the animation. Just speculation though, if you’d like to test it. We’re cleaning up some desyncs with the late feint window in Patch 3, specifically related to the sound playing incorrectly if you feint at the very end of the window - if this is the source of the ghost swings hopefully it will clean them up as well.

  • Still seeing them, albeit rarely.

  • is that was ghost swing means now? i thought we used “ghost swing” for attacks you see happen, but fail to register as a hit.

    both still happen, anyway.

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