Accidentally initiated a vote to kick myself

  • Once I the vote was underway, people voted “Yes” and now I’m IP banned from Official FFA Server #06, which was the only FFA server populated and having a ping under 100ms.

    This sucks. Is there anything that can be done? Will the ban terminate itself after a period of time?

  • The ban from a votekick only lasts like 5 minutes or something. Don’t worry.

  • Yeah the ban lasts for the remainder of the round. You should be able to join back when the map changes.

  • Lol. Every noob does this. And many people will vote yes because your stupid for kicking yourself.

    You have to select the name then push votekick. By default it has your name selected. So if ou push votekick first you just end up doing it too yourself.

    I’ve managed to admin kick myself. I announced I would be kicking those with high ping. Then kicked myself. I had kicked two others then clicked my own name and kicked myself.

    Votekicks last for 5 minutes then you can rejoin. And it bans your steam ID not your IP. So it doesn’t matter which computer you log in from. That lucOz guy is wrong.

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