• Ugh… I hate Sundays.

    I find myself sleepless as I do most Sundays because I have made the mistake of sleeping in 3 hours. This is always a mistake I make, Just like eating candy corn… it never turns out well.

    Although I found something very interesting tonight, enjoyable and appreciative. An article regarding Age of Chivalry online on the Forbes website. That’s pretty freaking sweet, Forbes…

    It literally felt like it was a month or two ago that I was being told by a friend about this cool mod called Age of Chivalry, like a ba-jillion hours of game time later and a few successful years of competitive gaming I find myself feeling renewed after playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

    The whole while I know Chivalry is being produced I think to myself that these guys have some serious talent to create this game but it’s like … c’mon… who creates a development company out of no where and produces a successful title… Well, They all start that way but it’s more of one of those ‘everyone else but not me’ kinda scenarios. As I was reading this article, in again, i’ll state it once more, Forbes… I find myself realizing how truly bad ass Torn Banner Studios is.

    I hope everyone keeps realizing how amazing what they have done is and they can continue to produce titles which I will throw blind money at because I am sure it will always be good.

    Good night!

    (It’s nothing super extensive but for anyone who cares to read it, here is the article…) … mbat-game/

  • Developer

    Yeah it was awesome to see us featured in Forbes! They actually contacted me for an interview recently so should be seeing more of us in there soon! Appreciate the kind words Warrius!

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