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  • When I bring up the steam overlay, my keys are shift + tab. Shift is also how I initiate sprinting. What I’ve noticed a lot recently is when I bring up my steam overlay to chat with friends and I come back to Chivalry, my character is not regenerating hp. I’m wondering if this has to do with hitting shift and it somehow sticking me in sprint mode, which disables my health regen. This is the only time I notice my hp regen does not come back (until I feint a swing or crouch), and sometimes when I’m an archer I cannot knock another arrow.

    Anybody else experience this when hitting shift + tab for steam overlay in Chivalry? It isn’t 100% consistent, but it only happens when I do this.

  • The only problems have with the steam overlay is when I’m sprinting and I decide to check the scoreboard and the overlay comes up when I do? want it too.

    Same when I’m doing an alt attack or zooming in and want to check the scoreboard and the damn game minimises.

  • fix this by rebinding steam overlay hotkeys

    i have mine bound to End.

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    fix this by rebinding steam overlay hotkeys

    i have mine bound to End.

    Well I guess that’s the easy way of doing it, I’d rather it simply have no effect on my character (such as shutting out hp regen).

  • Mine was rebound to Ctrl Tab. Took some getting used, but this way you can see the scoreboard while sprinting.

    I haven’t seen what you’re talking about though Gauntlet.

  • It was actually Age of Chivalry that got me to rebind my steam overlay keys, hate that inability to view scoreboard while sprinting :P

  • ^ Is this actually going to receive a fix though?
    For those that don’t mind the steam overlay on default buttons, having to spam shift until hp regen works again is a pain in the ass as it happens quite frequently.

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