Why does Chivalry hate being livestreamed?

  • So I like livestreaming, and I have a very small but consistent following. When not doing singleplayer games, I usually stream my multiplayer game of choice, which recently has become Chivalry. Great, right?

    Problem is, Chivalry seems to hate being streamed.

    No matter which stream program I use, and no matter what quality, Chivalry is choppy as hell. I have a powerful computer, and stream other games that are far more demanding in HD just fine - yet even though my processing and GPU load sit under 60% while the stream is up, Chivalry drops between 10 and 20 of its 30 FPS every second.

    Does anyone know why this happens?

  • In my experience unreal engine games hate screen recorders.

    What streaming software are you using.

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