Archer Xbows not saving/reverting to default EVERY SPAWN!

  • Hello. Often times playing as an archer, whenever I select a crossbow after death it will revert back to the default bow. Please fix this.

  • Yeah it’s really annoying, please fix.

  • Never experienced THAT bug in all the 650+ hours I’ve wasted in this game. Thank god. 8-)

  • It seems to only happen if you use the pavise, and for some reason only for certain people. We’re looking into it.

  • I’ve never had this after death. But sometimes after joining a server and selecting an xbow, it reverts to Longbow (and it will never let me pick an xbow even if I re-select it). I just thought xbows may have been forbidden on these (official) servers. Then again this might be a/the bug you’re talking about here?

  • happened after i returned to class selection after selecting the wrong class. then i selected Javelin Archer, but i got a Bow instead, while keeping my Buckler.

    unfortunately i wasn’t able to try if the buckler would actually worked, because i got autobalanced to the other team, which fixed it.

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