Dedicated Server Optimization Guide?

  • Hey all,

    So the reason I’m starting this topic is to have greater clarity on what makes a highly performant dedicated chivalry server. Specifically, it would be fantastic if TBS or somebody experienced in this domain could put together a guide - which I’m sure would greatly benefit the community. I’ve seen that there are now services which offer dedicated chiv servers for up to 64 players - so some people have definitely figured it out.

    Here are a few questions I keep asking myself.

    1. What sort of hardware is optimal for a chivalry server? How much RAM? How much processing power? Are chivalry servers optimized for multiple cores? Should hyperthreading be disabled/enabled? Is there a particular architecture which yields best results? Etc.

    2. What sort of operating system? Windows Server 2008/2012 (R2)? Linux/Ubuntu w/ Wine?

    3. What sort of server configuration options have the highest performance impact? I definitely saw several topics on this, most notably CrustaceanSoup’s thread on CPU performance.

    I guess my point is, it would be great to have a sticky thread on this forum which centralizes all this knowledge in a clear and accessible manner. I’m sure a ton of people would be thankful for it, since these questions seem to be frequently asked.

    Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work everybody!


  • Everytime we’ve tried 64 slots the server has ended up a rather laggy/choppy. This is with a variety of hardware from different providers too. Including dedicated boxes.

    For us 50 slots seems like a reasonable limit…recently we were clocking around 363mb game memory usage, 15% cpu usage on 8 xeons on windows. Also using the harsher settings from CrustaceanSoup’s thread

    Not sure where the bottleneck on larger servers would be? network maybe?

    Anyway, my advice if you’re after pure performance is to lower the slots to 40-50 or be prepared for some serious investment :P

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