Dedicated Server Files

  • Hey all,

    We’re going to start rolling out the dedicated server files to a select few people. If you want to apply to get a shot at being one of the lucky few apply here: … E6MQ#gid=0

    A post will be up with the patch notes about how to run a server locally without the dedicated server files. The dedicated server files are for those with dedicated servers and wish to host a server.


  • The questions are weird and require multiple choice answers in some lines, which couldve been split into two.

    Also why do you want to know who we rent our servers from? That feels an odd question. Does the server support the normal command line server-tool or does it require a Steam installation? Because if it is the second, it will not work for us, since we do not want to use it that way.

  • Any update on this? Submitted the application 2 days ago, haven’t received a reply yet.

  • Sorry I’m busy doing quite a number of things at the moment, will get to these ASAP!

  • This is excellent, looking forward to host a Chivalry server at launch.

  • applied :)… wow ive been waiting for this !!


  • I am quite excited about this. I always go out of my way to support developers that get it right, and actually release dedicated server files, so we can host and manage our servers as we see fit. I have also posted on Big Brother Bot forums about supporting this game. I will be furnishing game logs when/if I get the dedicated server files.

    Will be checking my email daily for an NDA and link to the files. If we are lucky enough, you will see a server online on the USA east coast shortly there after. 8-)

  • Pretty ridiculous the number of devs that are choosing to lock down their server files these days (Because I really want to pay £1 per slot from e.g. Multiplay) so it’s good to see not everyone’s going down that path.

  • any news on this? devs?

  • I sent out dedicated server files to a select few people. I don’t think I’ll be sending out any more. We’re crunching hard now and our player numbers don’t justify any increase in servers.

    The files will be released on Steam for all to use on release day. Locking thread.

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