New maps,characters,mods?

  • I LOVE this game! A problem is that it gets repetitive (not the fighting of course, that is always surprising XD) and it would be great to see new elements to keep the fun at its top.

    Any news about maps, character personalisation, MODs’ improvement?

    [BTW amazing work you did there, i dreamt of a game that pushed close fighting this far]

  • Maps are in the works but not top-notch priority atm.

    Customisation is working in the Beta and will be released very soon. Not sure about interchangeable armour sets n shit, never heard of anything related to that.

    SDK is also in Beta state but will be finalised as well pretty soon. Steam Workshop implementation will be integrated and there ya go.

    Any other questions? :P

  • They have also leaked an expansion coming.

  • Also custom maps/mods are on the way.

    Check: viewforum.php?f=51

  • How nice, thanks! I didn’ t expect that much, I rellay have to play the betta ^^

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