Scoretable Suggestions

  • Hi,

    I was just checking out the gameplay through a media outlet (ForceStrategyGaming on YouTube) and a few thoughts occurred to me I wanted to share. I don’t think there’s been previous discussion on here of these. However, I only did a scan of the recent topics, and not something as thorough as a search.

    Assists: To reward and encourage teamwork, there should be some kind of ‘assist’ category on the scoreboard. These could come in the form of even half-points, to help better reflect the damage you dealt. One step further could be to aware some score for, say, if you were targeted in say, the last 2s by an enemy before he/she died by another’s hand. E.g. a ‘Man at Arms’ could be the shield/decoy for an archer a few more paces back.

    Bonuses for vs. higher skilled/level players: Assuming there is some form of XP/leveling/progress-metric in the final version, players could see a boost to their score if they managed a ‘feat of strength’ like killing someone more experienced.

    I suggest both these things since players respond well to having their small efforts not only rewarded but also recorded. If you take another competitive game from the past like Day of Defeat, people were put higher atop the scoreboard if they captured points, ahead of even those with the top frags. This enables more diversity as well as propelling a game along to a more overall dynamic game.


  • Assists aren’t displayed on the scoreboard currently, but your own assist count is shown at the bottom along with some other stats like kill:death ratio, damage dealt/taken, etc. They do, however, already give points. 2 points for a kill, 1 point for an assist. I’m not sure if they’ll end up on the scoreboard in the future or not. Points for helping complete objectives will also be added at some point.

    I’m not sure about your suggestion of more points for killing higher leveled players. It seems like points for the sake of points to me - it’d detract from your ability to tell who in the game is really contributing and who’s just running around killing people while being low level. Since level doesn’t actually mean anything but how much you’ve played the game, the lower level players will often be the ones just running around going for kills anyway, because they’re less experienced - they wouldn’t be contributing very much to a team effort to complete/defend objectives.

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